BREAKING: James May In Airship Crash Filming Top Gear Stunt

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Another Top Gear stunt went wrong yesterday evening after the BBC car show tried to attach a caravan to an airship carrying co-host James May and it crashed into a field near a busy road. May is uninjured.

BBC film crew frantically raced to the scene to check whether James May and the rest of the crew were injured. Although they were unable to reach the airship, a helicopter filming the stunt gave them the all clear.

The stunt was believed to be the end of a race between James May in an airship and co-presenter Richard Hammond in a Lamborghini. Hammond is believed to have not hurt his head in any way this time. We think. But he still likes asparagus. (Hat tip to Eric!) [via Daily Mail]

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There's an upside to living up to the name Capt. Slow. At speeds of Ahead Full Meander and below, crashes tend to be survivable.

And there's a cockpit voice recorder we'd all like to hear.

*engine sounds*

(May) "...And as the Hamster tears off over the horizon, which I've got a damned fine view of from up here..."

*engine sputter*

(May) "Uh-oh. TG Blimp to tower, I'm declaring an emergency."

(tower) "Understood, state your position and the nature of the emergency"

(May) "Supine. It's kind of a recreational vehicle, so it's not long on formal posture. We seem to be falling from the sky."

(tower) "Understood. Homemade blimp, pompous ass falling from the sky. Rolling emergency equipment now."

(May) "Oh cock."

*crashing sounds. engine stops*


(May) "Blimey. Well, it's still a better ride than a Morgan in the wet. And there's a pub. TG Blimp to tower, cancel the emergency, we're all okay."

(tower) "Roger that. But it's time for the dinner break, order a round for the boys, they're just a few minutes out."

(May) "Wilco, signing off. Right lads, who's for a pint?"