Breaking! GM's Offering An Incentive Potpourri — Except It Swears It's Not

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GM — still sticking to the "value pricing" strategy announced today incentives on six of eight vehicle brands. That means if you're in the market (and GM's hoping you are) for a Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saab and Saturn — you'll be able to subtr...err...get an interest rate back on...wait, what exactly is the incentive program. Let's ask the Freep:

"In keeping with a push to better distinguish GM's brands, he said, the automaker today will launch advertising for the discounts that is different for each participating brand.

Saturn's program, for instance, lets customers subtract 10 percent from the sum of the sticker price and destination charges, or choose other GM discounts. Other brands will pitch rebates and financing deals."


All for one and one for...umm...each other?

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