Breaking Crazy Chrysler Speculation! Chrysler Swap For GM Ownership Stake; GAZ To Buy Or Not To Buy?

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As we continue to follow the Chrysler Group rumor trail out of Stuttgart, Germany and Detroit we're finding ourselves hearing all sorts of strange stuff this AM. First off the bat, Reuters is reporting that the Financial Times is reporting that some guy in a back room somewhere in Stuttgart overheard from a waiter who was taking a lunch order from Bobo Uebber's assistant's intern that the German side of the not-so-much-a-merger of equals is considering taking a minority stake in the General as payment for the 'merican side of the business. That is, you know, if a deal actually takes place between the two automakers. But that's not the only crazy speculation of the day. The second thing we heard this morning was the Russian automaker GAZ was eyeing Chrysler — that was according to the German weekly magazine Focus. Oh wait, this just in — Reuters is reporting Focus is full of it and GAZ is not interested in the automaker anymore. Well, that was fun for the whole four seconds that lasted.

Daimler mulls GM stake to pay for Chrysler unit: FT [Reuters]
Russia's OAO Gaz Group eyeing Chrysler [MarketWatch]
Russia's GAZ denies report may bid for Chrysler [Reuters]


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