Breaking! Brokeback Enzo Case — The Tribulations and Trials of Stefan Eriksson

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Looks like it's good news / bad news day for he-of-many-transliterations as Stefan Erikkson finds his bail lowered from the knightly sum of $5.5 million to the just-under-knightly sum of $3 million. That's the good news. The bad...well...the judge has ordered him to stand trial on charges of embezzlement, grand theft auto and other miscellaneous misdemeanor charges. Right, cause he totally needs more charges on top of the three counts of embezzlement and three grand theft auto charges — all of which are already felony charges. Although maybe they can make something up for the game-exec cum mafia-wannabe cum hoon and charge him with something like "destroying a super car" or "reckless stupidity." (Hat tip to Matt)

Trial ordered in case of hot Ferrari [CNN]

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