Breaking Both Ways! Chrysler Sales Down 8%, Mercedes Sales Up 6.9%

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It seems like the two-headed beast that's the German-American hybrid still can't get both heads moving in the same direction. The boys n' girls in Stuttgart have let the world know they've sold 199,767 vehicles stateside, with the Chrysler Group down 8% adjusted for one more sales day for the month of August and Mercedes was up 6.9% for the month. The big numbers within the big number above comes on the Chrysler Group side of the multi-continetntal merger — the Ram pickup and Durango SUV, as suggested by Chrysler CEO/Prez/Poobah Tom LaSorda while carrying water on his head two weeks ago, saw big sales drops, down 15% and 37% respectively. But, the folks in Auburn Hills point, almost by reflex at the mid-size CUV/SUV numbers — sales of 10,000 this past month — and say "see, those are up!" They better be hoping they can get those Ram and Dakota production lines building Calibers real quick like.


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