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The China Daily's reporting that Chery, the Chinese automaker that's always looking to be on top by partnering with every automaker on the planet, is reported to be looking at expanding their partnership with the Italian car maker Fiat. The two automakers currently have an engine deal and apparently one of the options being discussed could be an expansion into a joint venture agreement in China to assemble Fiat cars. We already know Fiat was in conversations with DaimlerChrysler on the "Hornet" before Chery stole the deal out from under them. Could this be part of some global three-way? Chery officials haven't said whether talks were under way, but they're also not denying it. Chery's chairman, Yin Tongyao is quoted only as saying the cooperation so far "is limited to engines." Based on that quote alone, they're totally going to be making a cinquecento for Fiat. Or not — what do we know?


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