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In a fit of self-promotion โ€” and who wouldn't do the same? โ€” Livernois Motorsports created a new modded-out Mustang project car with which to highlight its technical expertise: A relatively nondescript Mustang GT that hides an 800hp, NOS-equipped monster mill. Starting with a mere exhaust upgrade, nitrous insert and CNC heads the boys persuaded the formerly stock GT to run a quarter-mile in 11.86 seconds at 117 mph. Were they content? (Please, if you had all those toys lying around, would you go off and take a nap?) No, they bolted on a centrifugal ProCharger F-1A Supercharger and air-to-air intercooler, and further tricked out the exhaust with a set of Kooks longtube headers and x-pipe, followed by a Corsa axle-back exhaust system. To match the power upgrades, they slotted in a T56 six-speed and a few additional driveline goodies, and finished it off with a Steeda suspension kit and Baer extreme brakes. Finally, just to show they really do care about the driver's well being, they included an ass-saving piece de resistance, a five-point restraint system. The final numbers haven't been released, but we wouldn't be surprised if it could do in the single digits โ€” with the AC on.

A 840-Horsepower Monster From Livernois Motorsports [R Sportscars]