Brabus Tunes the New Mercedes S-Class

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Brabus's tuning packages for the new Mercedes S-Class range from diesel and V6 models, all the way to the V12 biturbo. Yes, of course we only really care about the most extreme kit. What of it? With a displacement bump to 6,233cc — by way of a larger crankshaft and cylinder bore and forged pistons — along with top-end changes like race-modified heads, the pre-turbo mill is already a few hops up from stock. When the turbos, performance exhaust and sport-programmed engine computer come on line, the power output moves into the stratosphere, or 730 hp at a rumbling 5,100 rpm. Peak torque comes in almost instantly at 2,100 rpm, with peak torque of 973 lbs-ft has to be limited electronically to 811 lbs-ft (possibly from keeping the car from ripping chunks of tarmac off the street). One day we'll ask the price.

Frankfurt Premiere: Brabus Rocket [internal]


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