Boy, Where's The Feuer?

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You got a mailbox on your bumper and... never mind. The idea of going to a distant land and bringing back some weird vehicle with which to rattle local minds has always had its appeal; for example, the guy in my town who drives around in a Pinzgauer (with Swiss military markings) probably has way more fun on his commute than the rest of us. So it's hard not to respect this Denver guy's ambitious plan to get a Mercedes fire truck from Germany and turn it into a rolling rent-a-partymobile for use at ski and snowboard events. He's got the truck in hand (transport from Germany alone cost close to 10 grand) and he's well on his way to rolling to the slopes in a J ger-Fueled Ragin' Feuerwehr Frenzywagen. Dude.


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...a bald front tire!