While prepping for an interview with Chrysler's Jim Press, we were thinking about fish that got away. We didn't get a sit-down with GM CEO Fritz Henderson. If we had, what should we have asked?

Obviously, our first question would be to ask what truth there may have been behind time-traveling Rick Wagoner's wild claims he's a robot, but after that we'd want to get to something more meaty — like boxers or briefs? Or maybe, whether he uses a mustache trimmer, or gets it done for him.


Actually, we'd ask him about a story we heard the other day. We want to know if it's true that the former CFO once told someone he was offered use of GM's private jet, but decided to do the cost analysis on his own. As the story goes, he found out the best value was actually a coach plane ticket. He apparently took the coach plane ticket. We've got to know if that Paul Bunyan-of-a-tale is true.But what about you? What would you ask?

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