So I'm prepared for anything when I leave the apartment building I call my New York home (as opposed to my Detroit home, which is in Royal Oak). I can deal with the rats of unusual sizes, cockroaches as big as my fist and even the occasional manhole explosion. But I'm beginning to have a problem with the random shit raining down from the heavens every few days in New York City. First it was just one crane. Sure, it took out an entire building, but whatever, accidents happen. Then it was a second crane โ€” only two dead โ€” that's not too bad. Now, it's a giant chunk of the building I live in falling down on top of a BMW 3-Series parked out front. Like I said, I can deal with a lot. But when the buildings start attacking defenseless cars outside my pad, it's time to start reevaluating the ability of a city to regulate itself and its construction business. Although they did leave a nice note on the car, we're still totally telling the board to never use East Coast Restoration again.