We're already well aware that siphoning is one of the best ways to steal gas (unless someone installs a damn locking gas cap), and now it's even easier with the Flo N' Go Duramax. The Flo N' Go is a 14 gallon gas can complete with wheels and an attached siphoning system. Before you criticize, remember the adage: Flo N' Go doesn't steal gas; gas thieves steal gas.

We're sure Flo N' Go is sold with the best of intentions, but we can't think of any uses for a 14 gallon gas can with siphoning system other than thieving dino-juice. But since it operates at a somewhat slow rate of two gallons per minute, make sure your victim isn't just running into the store for a quick snack when you begin siphoning. Flo N' Go is available for $170, which would pay for itself in three "fill ups" or so. [Product Page via CG]