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This series features plenty of junked vehicles in not-so-frozen California, but we're really missing out on the full junkyard experience by not visiting Omaha!


So let's head to Nebraska, where your flesh will stick to engine blocks in the winter if you're not careful. Alfasud took a bunch of photos at his local junkyard:

It's been a rough last few months here in Nebraska. We've had several snowstorms knock us usually winterproof drivers upside the head and into the ditches. And driving an old, beat up, and quasi-pathetic '91 Volvo 780 Bertone as my winter car, I haven't been able to spend much time at the yard attempting to pillage 740s and 940s for everything that fails on a 265,000 mile Italian-built Swedish car. However, with a high of 28 degrees (nearly FIFTY degrees warmer than two weeks ago!!!!) I ventured down to North Omaha to find a virtually untouched Mercedes Benz 500 SEL with the AMG front spoiler strewn inside of the well preserved cabin and the V8 sitting unmolested in the engine compartment, a whole litter of Volvo 240s, more Audi 5000s than you can shake a stuck accelerator at, and sadly some pretty well preserved Saab 99s and 900s'. And even a very cool two door Volkswagen Jetta. If my camera hadn't died you would see the Range Rover with full wooden interior option package, the cabriolet e30, an e21 bauer, an e28 with euro spec headlights as well as the 940 turbo which gave its life so my Bertone could have a new airbox, tons of fresh new trim pieces, and other stuff.
There were also a few neat older accords and celicas, but nothing too interesting Japanese that wasn't picked over.


As an added bonus for you fans of Swedish steel, Alfasud has uploaded a bunch of Volvo workshop manual photos.

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