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Boneheaded Bus Driver Holds Passengers Captive On Six Hour Detour

Photo: Flixbus
Photo: Flixbus

In Germany, a boneheaded bus driver somehow started a scheduled eight hour trip to Berlin with the wrong bus. Halfway through the trip, he realized his error and turned back. He did not, however, let his passengers off the bus, forcing them into a six hour delay. They were, unsurprisingly, pissed.


This past Sunday, the bus driver, working for German travel company Flixbus, was supposed to drive his 40 passengers from the city of Mönchengladbach to Berlin in about eight hours, but after about four, he realized he had taken the double decker, which would be needed for another, more heavily-booked trip.

So the guy just turned around and headed back to Dortmund. The passengers were livid. Christiane Schinkel of Berlin told Bild “I thought it was a joke... an absurd, stupid decision” She went on to say the bus driver should have let passengers off in Hannover, where they could transfer to another bus and make their way to Berlin rather easily. Instead, the bus driver pulled into a parking lot, and did a 180.


Twitter user Glückskind was aboard. She said the bus was mechanically fine, and that there’s no reason for the bus driver to take all the passengers to Dortmund against their will.

But he did just that, and when the passengers got to Dortmund, they got to spend an hour and a half waiting. Then, with 26 additional passengers, the boneheaded driver continued on to Berlin, making the trip take a total of 16 hours.

Luckily, the passengers got their money back and a free voucher for another bus ride. After that trip, they may not use it.

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