Bond Bad Guy Car Of Choice: Ford Edge Is The New Explorer, Escalade Or Suburban

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We just saw Quantum of Solace this weekend. While most might get all googly-eyed at the Aston Martin DBS, gushing over it's sleek sexiness even after it's taken into a wall of a quarry, we took something else away from the new Bond flick. We noticed a Black Ford Edge (with odd hydrogen power stickering) playing the role of the basic bad-guy vehicle of choice rather than a Huge-UV. It's a strange change for us to have to wrap our minds around. It's especially true when you think about the differences between the Edge and the old basic bad-guy SUV — a black Ford Explorer, black Cadillac Escalade or black Chevy Suburban. Two main reasons we can think of. First, you just can't up-armor an Edge like you can a full-size SUV. Second, you can't fit as many "villain #4"'s along with the requisite guns, ammo and gear into the two-row crossover. But, in this age of environmental consciousness and the Financiapocalypse, even evil criminal masterminds take Solace in a car sucking gas by the Quantum rather than the gallon. It's still strange to see them driving that Ford, but it also may just be they like to live on the Edge...uh.