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Bollywood's Robot Is Transformers, Matrix, And Blade Runner... Combined

Robot, or Enthiran, is the most expensive Bollywood science fiction film ever created. It manages to combine features of the Matrix, Transformers, I, Robot and basically every other robot film you've ever seen into an explosive orgy of androids.


The short explanation for the plot is this: scientist creates action super hero humanoid robot. Scientist gives humanoid robot the ability to feel. Humanoid robot falls for scientist's super hot girlfriend and purposefully defies orders. Scientist destroys humanoid robot, but someone puts it together with a "red" chip. Humanoid robot puts together robot army and creates chaos in the city.

And did we mention Aishwarya Rai is the love interest and the robot drives a BYD S8?


This is so much better than any Transformers movie.

(Hat tip to Parkington!)

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Bollywood: Precisely what meets the eye.

Cheesy music. Quirky, non-sensical story lines. Actual coreography. Directors and actors/actresses who enjoy what they do and aren't afraid to show it. Also, an ability to have a sense of humor about themselves and just have a good time.

All Hollywood has left is the cheesy music and quirky, non-sensical story lines.

Movies used to be about entertainment, making us enjoy taking a step out of our world and using our imaginations to live in another world for a short time. They were interesting. They were fun. They knew that their purpose was to entertain, and they never took themselves too seriously.

These days, however, Hollywood has determined that they would only make movies that scare people, or make them insecure about themselves, or have baysplosions. Lots and lots of baysplosions. Hence, the only titles that ever come out in mainstream Hollywood anymore are things like Saw 34, things you haven't seen in a Saw movie since Saw 32! Now in 3D!

It's just getting ridiculous. Let's get back to movies that entertained, if not through outright comedy, than through the ability to not take themselves too seriously.