Boeing C-17 Fuselage Trucked Through Long Beach Streets In Dead Of Night

A brand-new Boeing C-17 cargo plane fuselage was trucked out of Long Beach, California last night via the Pacific Coast Highway to a ship waiting to transport the 50-ton plane to Virginia for training use. Video below.


The 25-foot tall, 170-foot long, 50-ton fuselage was shipped from its previous home at the Boeing C-17 assembly plant in Long Beach to Seal Beach, where the awaiting Army logistics vessel Robert T. Kuroda awaited its cargo. The vessel with its load of giant cargo plane will travel south to the Panama Canal, then through the Gulf of Mexico, up the eastern seaboard to Virginia, where it will be offloaded and taken to Ft. Lee. It's planned as a training shell for practice with loading and unloading the giant beasts.

The big move started around 10 PM last night, when a convoy of vehicles including police and utility workers joined the plane as an escort, diverting traffic, lifting power lines, and cleaning up tree branches knocked down by the plane. The eight mile journey took about five hours, with the plane reaching port around 3 AM.


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Photo Credit: kingair42 @ Flickr

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