BMW X6...From Behind, And Uncloaked

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Brenda Priddy's spy photogs finally snapped some shots of the BMW X6 without all of that faux rear hatch-hiding plastic, and the Road that is never-endingly Winding has them. We don't think we've got anything more to add than what we've already shared about BMW's new hatch-hack, but there's our last gallery below if you're looking to see just how much BMW disguised it. [via Winding Road]


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OK, now I'm really confused. They build the X5 to be an offroady wagon 5-series. Along comes the X6: lower than the X5 and has hatchback to reduce cargo capacity over that vehicle. X6 is intended to be 'more sporting' than the trucky X5, which has to compromise offroadiness.

It looks like they've arrived back at a sedan, only taller.

What was the question again?