BMW X1 Teaser Can't Afford Good Lighting

While not as titillating as skateboarding graffiti artists hyping the BMW X1 "concept," today we have a teaser image of the SUV-let. The shot, taken at a studio apparently hit by hard times and unable to afford proper lighting, doesn't reveal a whole lot, but hit the jump to see a version of the teaser we've upped the contrast on.


Our p-shop skills managed to eke out a bit more detail, but aside from the flowery wheels and shorter wheelbase, it looks pretty much like an X5. Surprise! So for the eleven of you out there looking for yet another compact SUV with a high price tag, undoubtedly terrible fuel economy and a bourgeoisie attitude, today is your day in the sun. Expect to see the BMW X1, sans teasers and marketing-hyped camouflage at the upcoming Paris Motor Show later this week. [BMW via 4WheelsNews]

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