The BMW X1, the company's foray into the mini-luxo-ute market, was nabbed uncovered for a commercial shoot. Even better than the X1-series, though, is the camera truck.


This new X1 should come to market soon in Europe, followed by a release in the US. Rumors about the platform continue to circulate, but it appears it could share a setup with the soon-to-be release Mini Crossman SUV. From the looks of it, the Bimmer gets a more roundish look than the current X3. The rearmost pillar is, dare we say, Nissan Rogue-ish?

Whatever it is, we can't help but be more enamored with the camera truck. Is that an E38-amino? Why yes, yes it is. Given the choice between a new X1 and a 7-series truck we'd probably take the camera rig-truck.


(Hat tip to Tim!) [Xbimmers]

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