BMW Turbo Four-Banger In Development

Confirming speculation, BMWNA CEO Jim O'Donnell has stated in an interview with Business Week that BMW is indeed developing a new turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine. Of course, when we'll see it on our shores all depends on who gets elected President. Wait, what? Said O'Donnell, "It will deliver stronger performance in terms of acceleration than the current 6-cylinder, it will deliver lower emissions and will give you better fuel economy; so it is a win, win, win situation. This will be a high tech 4-cylinder engine; obviously turbo charged. We can't really confirm or deny when it is going to come into the US, or if it is going to come into the US, until after the election and the government makes it clear what is going to be the platform that manufacturers have got to work to." After the election? Really? Sure, that makes sense, seeing as BMW's future North American lineup will vary depending on future legislation. But we thought ze Germans were all about über efficiency, technology, and whatnot anyways, no matter what our stupid politics are. Oh well, either way, it sounds like the perfect engine to stick in a 1-Series tii. [via BimmerFile][image]


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