BMW To Let You Make Your Own Decisions Again

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You. Yes, you there reading this. You seem like the type of person that whines about the demise of the manual gearbox in performance cars. Am I right? Well, BMW has heard your complaints and is actually going to trust you with shifting gears yourself in the M6. Just be careful.


It sounds like the 2014 M6, M6 Cabrio, and M6 Gran Coupe will all be available with three pedals — one of which is a clutch — and a lever that you will use to select gears (it has six of them) on your own.

BMW says this is a "manual transmission," which you might remember from all of the great performance cars of the last century. It's also marks the return of free will to motoring.

Like the M5, the M6 manual might only be available in the USA, which means we spoke up loud, we spoke up proud, and they heard us. Way to go us!




From the country that's predominantly uses Automatics, why do they give North America the option ?