BMW To Build MINI-Platformed "0-Class"

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BMW's always said they'd never build a front-wheel-drive car or platform prostitute a BMW off the MINI platform. Now, according to Car Magazine, BMW's apparently reversed themselves on both, greenlighting a MINI-derived "0-Series" lineup that'll go on sale in 2013.


What we know so far is this new "0-Series," dubbed UKL1, for Untere Kompaktklasse (lower compact class), is designed to go head-to-head with the new Audi A1 and the Mercedes A-Class and be based oin the third-generation MINI. The "0-Series" will supposedly come in three different body styles: a three-door hatch, five-door hatch and a two-seat roadster.

Under the hood will be brand-spankin' new three- and four-cylinder engined and may even be built in Oxford on the same assembly lines as the MINI.

We'd like to show you more, but Car doesn't have the story up online. Pity. It's a good read.


My RSX has a dent

WTH? Just how far downmarket can a luxury manufacturer go. I thought MINI was supposed to to be their "premium" small car. OTOH I'm sure there will be some who will just buy it for that oh so coveted roundel.

But a front drive BMW? Not for my money. Even if it were AWD I couldn't buy it because it wouldn't be a real BMW in my mind. Now a new 318ti, that I'd buy. As long as it wasn't some bloated monstrosity a-la the current 128/135.