​BMW Sells 3 i8s To One Rich HERO

How do you know if you have more cash than sense? You buy a trio of BMW i8s – one for each house you own.

Ian Robertson, the board member in charge of BMW sales, marketing, and retail operations, says demand for the i8 has already outpaced the initial production run. That's not because the i8 is taking the world by storm – as good as it is – but because with any interesting, attractive $135,000 car, it joins other interesting, attractive expensive in the carpet-lined, climate-controlled garages of the 1%.


"Some i8 early adopters are similar to Rolls-Royce customers," Robertson tells Automotive News, "with multiple cars in multiple garages."

That includes one new owner that, according to Robertson, "ordered three of them, one per continent." See? They're just like us.

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