BMW Recalls A Bunch Of Cars At Risk For Randomly Rolling Down Hills

People that have cars with an automatic gearbox tend to not use the parking brake because they think just putting it in park is enough.

For 45,500 BMW 7-Series owners, that might not be enough, since an electrical fault could cause the cars to just roll away when you think they're in park.


BMW is recalling cars from the 2005 until 2008 model years with the keyless start function. It seems that a fault in the computer will have the cars say they're in park, but in reality will be in neutral.

If you park on a hill then, you guessed it, the car could roll down said hill and into things. And if you live above a gas station or oil refinery and the car were to roll into it, well, I shouldn't have to tell you what comes next, but it starts with "fiery" and ends with "death."

This comes on the heels of a recall for 7,485 7-Series cars with automatic doors from earlier this month. Apparently those cars have doors that will just open on their own from time to time. Can you think of anything more terrifying than a BMW rolling wildly down a hill with flapping open doors?

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