At first I thought BMW had gotten a hold of Darth Vader's marketing team to put together this spine-tingler of a promotional clip for the new BMW M4 Concept Coupe.

The car strolls into a strategically-lit warehouse like Master Blaster entering the Thunderdome; making noise and strutting about to "wet cave" sounds. I like the effect they get by shooting the puddle upside-down.


But they abandoned the "ominous" vibe in a fade-to-black transition, returning with something more like a club lounge/Victoria's Secret fashion show soundtrack. Guess that works a little better with the funky Phoenix Yellow paint job.

BMW lays it on thick as the M4 parts a sea of predecessors- I half expected the driver to hop out and reveal himself as Derek Zoolander after I frantically tried to identify all the older M3s making cameos.

Did you spot your favorite old M in the lineup?