BMW Motorrad Does Cross Promotion, Military Discounts

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You can tell it's getting into riding season now as BMW Motorrad is picking up steam in its promo activities. They're dropping BMW Sauber F1 Team driver Nick Heidfeld onto a spankin' new BMW HP2 Megamoto for some cross corporate shilling. We've been enjoying the twin delights of two-wheeled transport and 50+ MPG fuel consumption since the snow cleared from the streets. Despite the fun had on an old bike, there's nothing quite like a new one, and above that, there's nothing quite like a BMW. While they are great bikes, they're quite spendy, so if you're a member of the armed services, we've got some good news for you.


BMW will be offering discounts for US armed forces members, both active and retired, on its line of motorcycles. Discounts for the K-Series run $500, the R-Series $400, and both G- and F-Series at $250. We'd give our eye-teeth for a G-Series fully outfitted for all-road duty, but alas, even $250 off won't put it into a non-stratospheric price range. Oh by the way, if you were interested, that HP2 Megamoto — $25,000+. [Source: BMW]

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The motard is pretty sweet, but 25k is a bit much for it. Plus, then you'd be a BMW rider. While the bikes are well made and should last for many trouble-free miles, BMW riders tend to have a screw (or several) loose.

That's not to say that there aren't a few "normal" people riding Beemers, but as a group, they are a little off.