The term "economic uncertainty" seems to be forgotten at BMW these days, since not only is it expanding into small, FWD offerings, it's also planning for very big, very luxurious and very expensive cars like the X7. Now you might be able to add a BMW 9-Series to that list.

BMWBlog cites an Auto Motor und Sport article that says this a concept 9-series is bound for the Beijing Auto Show later this month is a preview of what a super luxurious four-door coupe might look like. It's reportedly based off of the next-generation 7-series platform that will also go on to form the basis of the future Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The 9-series is reportedly aimed at the Chinese market, but you could see it going after stuff like the Bentley Continental line and top versions of the Mercedes S Class sedan and coupe.

It seems like forever that BMW has been toying with building something that's more expensive and extravagant than its 7-series sedan lineup, and maybe a revival of the 8-series coupe from the '90s. Last year's Grand Lusso Concept appeared to indicate the direction a future top BMW car would take.


I see the logic in building something to fight all of the versions of the Mercedes S-Class, but isn't that what Rolls-Royce is for? But hey, if you're in China and your boss has a Rolls, you might want something with the lowly BMW badge that's still super luxurious.

Because you don't want to start a problem at work or anything.

Photo via BMWBlog