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There Are A Bunch Of 2016 BMWs You Can No Longer Configure With A Stick

Illustration for article titled There Are A Bunch Of 2016 BMWs You Can No Longer Configure With A Stick

If you want to depress yourself, go to BMW’s online configurator and you’ll notice there is no manual transmission option on the 2016 228i, 328i and 428i models. Hopefully, this is just a glitch.


Many of us moaned when BMW replaced the naturally aspirated six with a turbo four. While the new N20 series engine delivered more power and efficiency, it lacked the character of the N52 motor. The one consolation for removing those two cylinders, was the fact that we could still get a third pedal on the floor. With the exception of only one car, that is no longer the case.

According to the configurator, you can still get a manual transmission on the much more expensive 235i, 340i, and 435i models that have the turbocharged six cylinder motor. That means if you want to row your own, you will have to pony up an extra $7,000 for the 4 series, $7450 for the 3 series and a whopping $11,300 for the 2 series.


The stick is still a no cost option on the M3 and M4, but considering this alarming trend, that may be in jeopardy in the future. This may be partly due to the fact that some people, that call themselves enthusiasts, don’t believe that a manual is the right option for those M cars.

Let’s just hope the upcoming M2 will retain our preferred transmission choice.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story reported BMW had canceled the option of a manual transmission on many of their cars. Based on commenter feedback it appears this might be (hopefully) a problem with the configurator. We’ve followed up with BMW to confirm.

(H/T to Van Man, rocks the Man Van)

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Here’s the question, Jalops:

You have the means and intend to purchase a new BMW. Do you...

1. Order a 3-series wagon to encourage continued U.S. wagon sales


2. Order a manual sedan because Save the Manuals