BMW Isetta Donuts Are Just As Adorable As You'd Expect

Gif: Patrícia Brandão (YouTube)

The BMW Isetta is one of the cutest cars ever made, with its front-opening door and teeny-tiny dimensions. Thankfully, it looks no less cute when it does adorable little donuts.

Somehow this little Isetta 300 spins around pretty well in the dirt despite having a drastically narrower rear track than its front. Maybe the mid-engine layout helps?


If taking a Fleetwood out to roast its rear wheels is a donut, is an Isetta donut a mini-donut, or a donut hole?

Whatever these tiny Timbit-esque spins are, I like them.

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Sure, it’s cute and funny, but afterwards I’m sure everyone got tired of the driver saying ‘I think Isetta record or something!’