BMW Is About To Unleash Oodles Of Diesel Goodness On America

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We love diesels. They're torquey, easy to live with, and have some of the best fuel economy on the road. The best part? They aren't wimpy little hybrids.

Now, BMW is planning on bringing a whole mess of diesel models to the US in the next two years, and one of them is a diesel wagon. Color us excited.

BMW North America recently had a meeting to lay out some products that are earmarked for the United States through 2014, and thanks to a photo taken by a member of VW Vortex, it looks like a plethora of oil burners will be available for you fine folks.


The first two cars are 3-series based, and it includes a 3-series wagon. A 5-series diesel and X5d will follow soon after.

In 2014, the car that makes the most sense is coming: A 7-series diesel. Diesel is smooth and quiet, so for an executive car driven by a chauffeur, it makes perfect sense. Now, we're not sure which engines Bimmer has earmarked for America, but we'd expect the diesel four cylinder in smaler models and perhaps the diesel six cylinder in the X5, 7-series, and 5-series.

But who knows, maybe a hot rod six cylinder diesel 3-series is in the plans. Anything is possible.


BMW famously makes some great diesels, so this is a boon for pretty much every BMW customer in America. Hopefully they follow through and actually bring them here.

Photo Credit: BMW