BMW Introduces M8 MotoGP Safety Car, Bringing New Life To Big M8 Meme

All photos: BMW | Photoshop: Me. Please be nice, it’s my first photoshop.

With BMW’s withdrawal from the World Endurance Challenge and the flagship 24 hours of LeMans, some may have worried that Big M8 racing memes were dead. While the M8 GTE soldiers on in IMSA SportsCar racing, the scale of the M8 is best seen in its new role as the safety car of MotoGP.


Among its two-wheeled sons, the M8 will look truly enormous. While the Ford GT amplified the scale of the Bavarian Bruiser, the motorcycles are sure to cower behind its flashing lights and colossal keister.

It’s also worth noting that, in a true meeting of heroes, our lord and savior Bibendum is visible on the M8's safety car livery. Only a safety car as big as the M8 can contain the magnitude of thicc legend Bibendum’s portrait on its front fascia.


And while the size may be what you notice first, I’ll add that the M8 in safety car livery is my favorite 8-Series rendition yet. I’ve always been a sucker for flashing lights on a fast car. Be it a safety car or police cruiser, I dig a car in a uniform.


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