iPerformance is the new name BMW will be adding to its ever-lengthening model names, as Apple hasn’t quite made us tired of iStuff and iThings yet. Starting in July, BMW’s iPerformance label will adorn all the cars with plug-in hybrid tech derived from the i3 and i8—and that sweet, sweet electric torque.

The high-tech hybrid drivetrain underneath the new 740e iPerformance.

BMW didn’t release many details about the upcoming iPerformance models in its press release about its plans for the Geneva Motor Show, but I certainly hope that “Performance” in the new moniker means that we’ll end up with something good. After all, luxury automakers are constantly struggling to see who can put the best specs down on paper, and adding a plug-in hybrid system is a great way to increase the fun numbers for horsepower and torque without running afoul of tighter environmental regulations.

Besides, “The Ultimate Face-Ripping Torque Machine” has a nice ring to it, and would be a welcome addition for those of us who need a comfy coach that sips fuel but (hopefully) doesn’t suck to drive.


According to Autoblog, the new BMW 740e iPerformance will be the first model to use the plug-in hybrid technology currently found in the i3 and i8. BMW says that their experience in making the battery cells, electronic control systems and electric motors for their i-brand will go directly into new iPerformance cars. The iPerformance cars will also be able to use many of the existing accessories for the i3 and i8, such as the wall charger.


Additionally, BMW’s iPerformance cars will get some of the snazzy blue visual cues from the existing i-models so you can tell the world that any elevenses you lay down are practically hypermiling. Confusingly, this also means that you’ll get an eDrive badge on the C-pillar to go with your iPerformance model, which means that someone should start lobbying BMW for the forgotten vowels of “a,” “o” and “u” to finally get some love. Think of the other vowels, BMW. Don’t leave them high and dry.


BMW’s new 740e iPerformance debuts in July 2016, with more iPerformance models to follow.

Photo credits: BMW

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