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Those considering a BMW, especially a six-figure 7-Series, may want to jump on a 2005 leftover. BMW released base prices for its 2006 line of luxury cars and SUVs, indicating the average increase is 1.4% over 2005 prices. For example, the MSRP range of 7-series models will rise from $70,595-$117,995 to $72,495-$119,595 (including destination charge), making the difference close to $1,500, or nearly three boxes of Cuban cigars (not including legal fees following customs bust). Also, the company announced pricing for options packages would remain the same, except for minor changes in what's available — though no specifics were revealed in the release. More after the jump.

Model / Base MSRP (includes $695 destination and handling charge)
325i Sedan: $31,595
325xi Sedan: $33,495
330i Sedan: $37,295
330xi Sedan: $39,195
325xi Sports Wagon: $35,295
325Ci Coupe: $32,995
325Ci Convertible: $40,295
330Ci Coupe: $38,295
330Ci Convertible: $45,595
525i Sedan: $43,195
525xi Sedan: $45,395
530i Sedan: $47,495
530xi Sedan: $49,695
550i Sedan: $58,095
530xi Sports Wagon: $52,095
650i Coupe: $72,495
650i Convertible: $79,495
750i Sedan: $72,495
750Li Sedan: $76,495
760i Sedan: $112,195
760Li Sedan: $119,595
M3 Coupe: $49,595
M3 Convertible: $57,295
M5 Sedan: $81,895
Z4 Roadster 2.5i (2005 model year): $35,495
Z4 Roadster 3.0i (2005 model year): $42,495
X3 3.0i Sports Activity Vehicle: $37,495
X5 3.0i Sports Activity Vehicle: $43,195
X5 4.4i Sports Activity Vehicle: $54,295
X5 4.8is Sports Activity Vehicle: $71,795


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