BlueTouch Adds A Bluetooth Dialpad To Your Vehicle

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Using Bluetooth in a car is pretty damn snazzy—whether it's just a headset or integrated with the entertainment center, it's just a nice convenience. The one problem that still remains with these types of systems is dialing. In most cases, you still have to grab your phone and find your way through a phonebook, therefore taking your eyes off the road. Bluetouch is looking to solve that problem.


BlueTouch is a touchscreen Bluetooth module that includes a keypad for easy dialing. You simply sync your phone with the BlueTouch. BlueTouch then syncs with your car's entertainment center. It can stream music from your phone or do all of the calling jazz, as well. It's available for $400, unfortunately. [BlueTouch via ChipChick]

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Rob Emslie

For $400 BlueTouch better do something about my BlueBalls too.