Bloong...Bloong...Buddy Holly...Blong!

Inexplicably, Lubbock, Texas has somewhat of a magical reputation. It gave us Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings and Sonny Curtis (who penned the second-greatest song Hüsker Dü ever covered and the most famous song the Clash ever covered). Things are said to appear in the sky. And now the Lubbock PD is using sonar to find stolen vehicles in area lakes. Who can turn Lubbock-area theft victims on with a ping? They're gonna make it after all. [Houston Chronicle]


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Ahh, I'm a Lubbockite. Interesting to see this town hit the headlines on the Jalop website. I really don't have any faith in our law enforcement in general. They spend more time harrassing us at our get-togethers at the local Sonic or other haunts than cracking down on the real problem areas elsewhere.

Catch and release right?