Blog Hoonage: You're Begging For It, But We're Not Quite Sure What "It" Is

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• Personally, we consider the whole "digital vigilante" thing a valuable public service...but that's just because we haven't turned up on any of those sites yet. [Magic Smoke]
• Emoticons will get you nothing — especially not a free Camaro. Although we'd love to see you try to buy a 2007 one. [thoughtfarm]
• Even the hippies know how to capitalize on consumables! [Treehugger]
• This is why Revlon manufactures cosmetics, not cars. [Useless Advice From Useless Men]
• Auto Advertising 2.0 is basically Web 2.0. [ben barren]
• But seriously, who calls a car horn a "honker"? [sic]

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