Blog Hoonage: Working At The [Not Gay!] Car Wash

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• Welcome to France, home of scenic vistas and road rage. [French Windows]
• The good news is, these people will give you a free car. The bad news is, it may or may not be plastered in advertising for hemorrhoid cream. [Gary Said]
• There are some sounds cars should not make. If you think those noises are normal, perhaps you should not be driving one. [Brown Amazon]
• Tim Hardaway is pissed - turns out, you can't even buy a carwash and discriminate against the gays anymore without worrying about your profitability declining. [AOL Sports Blog]
• In Mumbai, just because there are roads and bridges to drive upon doesn't necessarily mean there's someplace to park a car. [Urban Planning Blog]
• Top Gear: more about mass appeal, less about cars. Or something. All we know is, we feel TG's pain. [Mark J Berry]

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