Blog Hoonage: When You're On The Road To Crazy, There's So Many Exits To Choose From

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• Buying a car in Belgium does not include waffles, fries or negotiations, of any sort. [Reveries]
• A new appreciation of the Middle East may be as easy as engaging your cab driver in conversation. [Mideast Youth]
• Early-morning injustices? At The DMV? No fucking way, dude. [Clarefied]
• The hierarchy of rural teenage driving situations, explained. Not that you were stumped over that one, at all. [Random and Odd]
• Yes, you've seen this picture of Britney attacking a car with an umbrella. We just wanted to point out how we still think it's kind of funny, in a laughing-at-the-unfortunate sort of way. [Complications Ensue]

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