Blog Hoonage: What Is This "Environment" Thing We Keep Hearing About?

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• Fall Out Boy attempts to do their part for the environment by giving away a Hybrid Civic. Now if only we could get them to stop using aerosol hairspray, we may actually be able to repair the ozone layer. [ecorazzi]
• Insert consumers running the economy is akin to lunatics running the asylum metaphor here. [PoMo Blog]
• When you combine a "Car-Free Day" with a "Limited Water Use Day" and a "No Intemperate Energy Usage Day", you get a "Be a Lazy Bastard and Stay In Bed All Day" Day. And that, friends, sounds pretty freakin' awesome right now. [Runes]
• Get laid, overcompensate for a small penis AND save the environment? Sweet! []
• Just in case you weren't enough of a hazard on the road, install one of these fancy-pants touchscreen computers. Maybe then you'll get to hang with Moesha Brandy when you share the same community service schedule. [Slashgear]

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