Blog Hoonage: The Peasant Cried, "Help! Help! I'm Being Repressed!"

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• A car thief bought a little taste of LA to DC this morning, ensuring a tasty visual edition to area residents' morning television schedule. [WaPo]
• All we want to know is, who will take care of Paris Hilton's new Bentley? [GlossLip]
• Public Transportation may just as well be referred to as Communist Transportation from now on. [From Where I Sit]
• Colorado is the latest state to be repressed and forced to wear seatbelts whilst riding in a car. [Rocky Mountain Collegian Online]
• In case you were wondering, passive aggression is still aggression, even behind the wheel. Even when you're bitching about other drivers on your blog. [funny thing]
• Sometimes it's best to stop embarrassing yourself and admit that your car is indeed a piece of shit. [Useless Advice from Useless Men]

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