Blog Hoonage: The Future Is Looking A Little Bleak

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• Okay, we get it. You grew up in a small town, were the first and only Shiny Black Mustang owner in your small town, and you thought that driving drunk around your small town in your Shiny Black Mustang was okay, at the time. We also get that you may be a total fucking moron and should never be allowed to own a Shiny Black Mustang again. [Itchy Blog]
• Zuh? Using your Chrysler 300 as exercise equipment? See previous statement about "fucking morons." [Waist Loss]
• In case you're wondering, here's what all the baby hoons are driving these days. [Chevron Cars]
• Your comprehensive guide to the 2007 AMA Superbike Season. You're welcome. [Live Fast]
• Try doing THAT with a real WRX. [Because I Was Bored]
• We'd imagine that your husband going to jail and then having to sell your car in order to survive would be slightly emotionally taxing. [Jail Byrde]

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