Blog Hoonage: Rubber Balls and Backseat Fornication

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• We haven't been arrested for any incidents involving call girls, either. Yet. [Airbag]
• Best to have a backup plan, because soon, you may not be allowed to sport those rubber testicles on your bumper. Heartbreaking, we know. [Across the Board]
• The country's best dealerships to go steal cookies & coffee from. Get on it! [Forbes Autos]
• If only all the terrible drivers in the world would all come to the same realization to not buy cars. [Box of Jack]
• NSFW: in case you've forgotten how to get it in in your car, here's a refresher. We recommend pulling off the freeway first, however. [My Relax Place]
• 10 ways to delude yourself into thinking your teenager won't crash your car. [Carbuyer's Notebook]

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