Blog Hoonage: Photos Of Screaming Children; Videos of Hoons Make Us Happy

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• Go ahead, reminiscing about shitty cars of yore makes for the best type of cathartic blogging. [FTTW]
• It's good to see parents are still torturing their kids via carwash and making sure there's photographic evidence to prove it. [Mama Likes to Jitterbug]
• No way! Car companies using subliminal messaging to appeal to the male audience? [I See Invisible People]
• What's the biggest mistake here: initiating conversation with the overly maternal car rental agent, or deciding to live in out of a rental car for two months in the first place? [bluishorange]
• Video Bonus: stupid drivers doing stupid things. [The New Editor]
• How many points do you get for hitting a bike messenger? [Cracked Black Pepper]

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