Blog Hoonage: Mods, Whines, Hatred

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• Boredom relief: some hilarious and mostly useless hacks for your VW Bug. [Dark Roasted Blend]
• Rearview cameras in the rear windshield of your car. Novel concept, but umm — isn't that just called a rear windshield? [My Empty Mind]
• 20 year-olds. Texting. Whilst driving a rental car. Please, tell us what is wrong with this picture? [Nugget]
• Jack-in-the-Box hates the environment; fuel economy. [AutoblogGreen]
• Australian consumers ask: how small is too small before the hoons feel completely emasculated? [drive blog]
• Some people believe that an IQ test should be compulsory in order to get a driver's license. We, however, believe it should be compulsory for certain drivers to take Midol before getting behind the wheel. [Thinking Aloud]

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