Blog Hoonage: Making The Right Choices

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• Today in Pointless Hypothetical Situations (Part One): choose between your car and your laptop. [By The Way...]
• Today in Pointless Hypothetical Situations (Part Two): imagine what it would be like if your car exhaust was actually fetid horse shit. [The Galloping Beaver]
• Unhappy with traffic light response time? A little initiative and one quick phonecall could change your driving life forever. That is, if you live in Jerusalem. [Yehuda]
• Surprise, surprise - the readership of Men and Motors would prefer to be tearing up a racetrack than be nagged by their significant others. []
• So you engage in a dangerous high speed chase with the cops, during which you decide that you are cool with going to jail but not cool with having your car impounded, so you decide you'll just go home and let them arrest you there. Instead, a deputy rams your car, causing an accident that leaves you a quadriplegic. The natural course of action from here? Litigation, obviously. [Whit's Whittlings]
• Why triathletes can't drive like normal people (or write moderately humorous blog posts). [Triathlete Diva]

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