Blog Hoonage: It's What We Like To Call A "Slow Fade"

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• The folks at NUMMI get around their alleged "no-layoff" policy by slowing down their Tacoma production line about 20 percent. [Treough]
• Reading your Chevy owners manual could save you a lot of hassle - like avoiding legal complaints regarding your violations of said owner's manual. [CarDomain]
• It shouldn't be "why I don't like owning a car" so much as "why I enjoy being a brainless twatwaffle". [Livin' The Dream]
• Marriage. It deteriorates both your taste in cars... [Whaling Season]
• ...and your taste, in general. [DTMWWWM]
• The homeless continue to perpetuate that whole "good karma" concept. [ah, the power of cheese]

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