Blog Hoonage: Garden Variety Stupidity

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• Nascar: so easy, even a deaf dude can do it. [Kokonut Pundits]
• The mortality rate on Chinese roads may be high, but at least the road signs are amusing. [NowPublic]
• It's nice to know that countries have dreams of their government eventually looking after them — no matter how futile those dreams may be. [What's up in Jordan?]
• Your license plate may reflect your desire to see the South rise again, but in reality, the only thing rising will be your blood pressure when you see your car continue to be vandalized. [Bark Bark Woof Woof]
• Hey kids, quit pouting - at least your parents are giving you a say in the behemoth you'll be dropped off at school in. [KickingTires]
• For $50K, you can own a 2004 Prius owned by a Dixie Chick. The joke here is so easy, we're not even going to bother. [ecorazzi]

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