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• This week's MetaFilter gem: dude loses his Saab key in one of two dumpsters; questions morality behind hiring the homeless to dumpster-dive for it. [MetaFilter]
• Asking readers for advice sometimes works out... [Mahmood's Den]
• ...and sometimes, not so much. [Sketches from Memory]
• At which point does buying cars become a full-fledged addiction? We think never, but maybe that's just us. [Spirit of Saint Lewis]
• Rent a two-door Suzuki Forenza with no power steering and no power windows from Dollar Rent-a-Car today. See also: Upgrade from a car that doesn't even exist for $45 more from Dollar Rent-a-Car today. [Consumerist]
• Now women can keep their cars clean, thanks to a line of cleaning products designed . Thank God. [Ask Patty]

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