Blip: Mazda's Prototype Program Was The Epitome Of Positivity

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Photo: Mazda Motorsports

History probably won’t remember the Speedsource Mazda Lola fondly, as it never really won anything, and for much of the car’s career it was an also-ran failure with under-performing production-based diesel power. With the death of Mazda’s prototype program coming at the end of the 2021 season, it feels all the more disappointing that this car never amounted to anything.


Every race weekend Mazda was there on the grid with two cars, no matter how far off the pace they were. The car always filled the grid and it was a nice underdog to root for, even if we all groaned when the team ultimately would trip over its own and manage to find a way to fail. It was encouraging to see Mazda eventually grow up into a winning team.

No matter how down you are, no matter how much of a failure you make yourself out to be, just keep showing up to the fight and making incremental improvements until you’re a world-class contender. If Mazda can turn its prototype program into a Sebring 12 Hour-winner, you can overcome any hurdle in your way. It’s all about experience, positivity, and continued effort.

Happy weekend to you all, and here’s to keeping your chin up and fighting. Be like Mazda Motorsports. Never give up until it’s financially irresponsible to keep trying.

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Yep, they were running on smiles with the SkyActiv diesel. It was all, “ Yeah, we melted the pistons, but this is R&D for the production cars because we’re racing with production parts.”

2 years were wasted on the diesel engine. It was well over 100 hp down to the competition and extremely unreliable. The AER engine they were using in ALMS to the present was unreliable but they seemed to have solved that last year. Mazda could have had their Sebring win sooner if they stuck with it. Oh well, hindsight and all that.